31 Oct 2006

Not too happy with greyscale fMRI overlays?

Here’s how to easily highlight them in colour (using Adobe Photoshop):

  1. Duplicate the background layer
  2. Use the magic wand to select the areas of activation (hold down Shift for multiple selections; reduce the tolerance from 30 to 10 at the edges)
  3. Shift-Ctrl-I (inverse selection)
  4. Delete
  5. Shift-Ctrl-I (inverse selection again)
  6. Ctrl-L (output levels)
  7. Set output levels for Ctrl-1 (red) to 255/255 and Ctrl-3 (blue) to 0/0
  8. Ctrl-U saturation to -30
  9. Ctrl-Alt-D (feather) at 5 pixels
  10. Save

All set for a flash presentation!