29 Nov 2006

Announcement of poster prizes today, with three winners from Rotterdam! Marcel Dijkshoorn, Monique Bernsen and Thomas de Weert received a certificate of merit and Marcel was also invited to publish his work in RadioGraphics.

RSNA news! mccormick

I presented my CHIP prediction rule for the use of CT in minor head injury, which has also just been accepted for publication in Annals of Internal Medicine - hurray! So, hopefully I will be able to make the rule public here soon.

So, what have we learned today? Well, the conspicuity of surgical needles of less than 10 mm in length is very poor on a plain abdominal film… so, CT instead, or just tell our surgeons to use big needles only? Studies like this make you wonder - do you just wake up one morning and think of sticking needles into cadavers and X-ray them? Hmm.

More photos on Marion’s photos.