30 Nov 2006

The conference is nearing its end - which is very obvious from it being so much quieter. Perfect moment to have a look at the posters.

There are again some very beautiful and interesting posters this year. Masutani (developer of dTV) shows a method of dealing with crossing fibers, still using the FACT algorithm, by using complex techniques of tensor interpolation. His examples show a much better visualization of the more lateral parts of the corticospinal/corticobulbar tract, promising!

The neuroradiology session with Meike Vernooij presenting on microbleeds turned out to be a good example of how to improve these scientific sessions: several presentations were given on the same subject, and a panel discussion arose, with all of the presenters together, rather then the usual 1 or 2 questions per presenter/presentation. This format is definitely more lively, and much more of a forum of scientific discussion.

RSNA photos on Marion’s photos.