10 Mar 2007

Very busy day today: presenting “Loss of consciousness in minor head injury” from our CHIP study, my fMRI study of postconcussion syndrome, and “Neuro-applications at 3T” at the GE Healthcare Satellite symposium. Not much time and energy left to follow many other talks or courses..

SacherTorte Indra_me_Sacher

Still, it was great to hear Dr. Nyhsen present her results from a “mini CHIP study” from Newcastle upon Tyne. Newcastle’s the 2nd most popular place for clubbing - after London - apparently, which provides the Newcastle A&E departments with an abundance of minor head injury patients. Their patients’ characteristics seem to bear a striking resemblance with our Rotterdam population: young, intoxicated men… Fallen Over Pissed (FOP). Anyway, the use of CT in minor head injury remains a topic of much debate, and many questions were asked regarding CT reduction, radiation issues, and cost-effectiveness… all to be addressed in my next CHIP paper!