11 Mar 2007

Sunday and glorious weather in Vienna… but I went to the image interpretation session, where radiologists from different countries were teamed up to compete with each other. France and England were a team, as were Greece and Turkey.. I don’t think these countries’ relations had gotten any better by working on a case together, although something seemed to have flourished between the Bavarian and the Austrian radiologists, very cute. Anyway, I’ve learned that zebras are colibris in German (to indicate the most unusual diagnoses), which all of the presented cases were, of course.

Stephansdom ECR

Very interesting poster by Ojango et al. from Nottingham (UK), who studied the BOLD fMRI response in the motor cortex in patients with stroke and/or carotid stenosis, showing a very strong correlation with vasoreactivity (assessed with hypercapnia), both in the non-affected and in the affected hemisphere, without a substantial effect of changed perfusion.

Kanasaki et al. from Yonago (JP) presented a poster on a new application for SWI (susceptibility weighted imaging): acute ischemic stroke. Not only are the intra-arterial thrombi clearly visible, changes in venous circulation also become apparent.