25 Nov 2007


First day at RSNA today, after kicking off with margheritas the night before in our hotel bar.. well, club really. To my shock and horror my usual House of Blues hotel had not only changed name (now Hotel Sax, which I seem not to be able to pronounce properly), but also management and style. Fortunately, only the lobby had changed for the worse, while the rooms and bar are absolutely magnificent!

I realised this is my fifth time at RSNA and I can now even find my way around McCormick Place (sort of), much to the astonishment of my colleagues, who know I can’t even find my way around our own hospital. Despite the lack of sleep, a cold and the slight after-effect of the margheritas, I really enjoyed the refresher course on ENT trauma: there’s much more to temporal bone injury than just fractures, and… maxillofacial fracture is a recurrent disease - just like minor head injury really :-).