05 Oct 2008

I just got back from Valencia, Spain, where the weather was fantastic, the city beautiful and lively, and the food… hmm :-).


Anyway, there was also a conference: the 25th annual meeting of the European Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine and Biology. I like this meeting, because it’s small, there are many people I know whom it is nice to catch up with, and it aims to bridge the gaps between the fundamental sciences and medicine. Unfortunately I’m not really capable of crossing these bridges, as my lack of knowledge and understanding of MRI becomes painfully clear within seconds of the start of most of the sessions…

So I stuck to the clinical sessions mostly, with many talks on MR spectroscopy, diffusion weighted and perfusion imaging.


And I did venture into a few of the physics sessions… not sure it did me any good but maybe repeated exposure will make me at least a little bit less scared of acronyms. I’ll keep trying!