28 Nov 2010

Hello Chicago!! RSNA number 8 for me and never failing to impress.. The sheer size of this meeting, incredible organisation, gathering of so much knowledge and technology every year leaves me with a slight sense of bewilderment, enhanced by the lack of sleep from jet lag and late night social events.


Excellent refresher course on advanced MR angiography: it is now possible to perform 3D time resolved (so, 4D in fact) whole brain angiography at 2 f/s with good separation of the arterial and venous phases and sub-millimeter resolution using HYPRFlow. The expectation is that time resolution of such techniques will go up to 20 f/s in the near future, unbelievable. Diagnostic DSA will really become a thing of the past.

Siemens introduced their 3T PET-MRI, yet another big shiny toy in the world of Radiology!