30 Nov 2010

As if yesterday’s special lecture wasn’t special enough.. today we’ve got President Bill Clinton! Most of today was therefore spent in anticipation, and in the long long queue several hours before doors opened. Well worth it: prime seats (well, relatively, for non-VIP standards anyway).

Bill Clinton

What can I say, it is incredible to hear this man speak, on health care both in our own rich countries, where we spend 10-20% of our GDP on health care, and in the developing countries, where cancer care is still virtually non-existent. What can we do? Make sure that we find ourselves in a position where we can have influence. Apparently, even in the United Nations this is not obvious, so each member every year promises that they’re going to try to improve one thing… So tonight, I introduced this concept to my colleagues who I visit RSNA with every year. Each year, during RSNA, high up in the sky in the Signature Lounge overlooking Chicago, we will specify the one thing that we’re going to improve in the coming year. A big promise to myself, my colleagues, my patients and to Bill!